Production Facility

We are having facilities in melting to meet customer requirements in various grades and size of components.


  • Induction melting furnaces with two crucibles of 500kg and 1 MT
  • Various lip pouring ladles of capacities ranging from 250kg to 500 kg – 4Nos.
  • Dip type pyrometer for temperature evaluation.

Moulding is a metal casting process characterized by using sand as the mould material with qualified mould makers.

We are using CO2 and no-bake process techniques by hand mould in moulding department and in core shop we are using CO2 and air set process in various sizes of mould and cores. We also have lost foam and vacuum moulding process.


  • Automatic Bowl type super mixer 30 Kg Capacity
  • Continuous sand mixer 3 to 6 Ton Per Hour
  • 3 TPH Sand reclamation plant with appropriate dust collector and auxiliary items
  • For prototype casting: V process sand moulding line and lost foam facility

Dedicated computerized system enabled pattern shop makes access of patterns with better ease. Automated tracking facility for patterns are available. Also, in-house pattern area provides facility for modification or repair of patterns.

The removal of feeders and access material from a casting is taken as the first stage of finishing a casting.

The metal removal is often achieved using manual cutting or grinding. The method of fettling must be taken into account at the initial casting design stage, so that the process can be fast and efficient.

We are having the full-fledged fettling shop to meet our customer specifications with many automated facilities.

  • Hanger type shot blasting machine 500 Kg Capacity
  • Grousing machine, Welding machine
  • Pedestal grinder, Swing frame grinder, Gas cutting set and other necessary machines

The application of heat treatment is to alter and improvise the physical properties of materials, making them suitable for finished products for relevant applications.


  • 2 T capacity electric fired heat treatment furnace – Bogie type furnace with API – 6A calibration
  • Water quenching facilitation
  • Air quenching facilitation
  • Normalising process
  • Annealing process
  • Tempering process

Quality control & Testing

Physical testing facilitates; expertise in wide range of materials testing for their characteristics analysis.

At our foundry physical properties analysis and testing are conducted by well experienced engineers.


  • Pendulum Impact testing machine
  • Computerised Universal Testing Machine: Model UTE-40
  • Computerised universal testing machine
  • Rockwell cum brinnel hardness testing machine

These equipments make us exceptional in delivering quality casting and total customer casting solutions.

  • Sand washer
  • Sand siever
  • Rapid drier
  • Electric Permeability tester with core permeability tube attachment
  • Universal strength machine with necessary attachments for tensile and transverse strength of specimen
  • Core hardness tester
  • Muffle furnace rectangular
  • Spectrometer

  • In house Ultrasonic Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Liquid Penetration Testing equipment and facilities

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